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Like many before him, Seiji of Team Emperor just can't hang against Tak and the 86. Seems like everyone on the mountain is talking about the enigmatic 86 and its unknown driver, but Tak, modest as ever, keeps it all to himself. However, when some chick goes off on Natalie for no good reason, Tak's more than willing to give the girl and her boyfriend a lesson in humility with an impromptu race. Off the road, Bunta's still waiting for parts to the new engine for the 86. But the biggest news of all, is that Natalie's so-called 'father' is actually an older man she sleeps with for money. The thing is, she's fallen in love with Tak, and when she tells the old guy that it's over, he insists on one last 'date.' None of this may matter a bit, though, since Tak's just received an anonymous phone call dishing all the dirt about Natalie's dark secret.

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 88: Look Out! Hawk's Getting Pissed Off
  • Chapter 89: Lightning Bolt in the Steering Column
  • Chapter 90: The Trouble With Slow Turns
  • Chapter 91: Tak's Killer Move: The Gutter Hook!
  • Chapter 92: Time For A Miracle!
  • Chapter 93: Assault on Akagi
  • Chapter 94: Natalie Likes to Watch
  • Chapter 95: Let Tak Do the Driving!
  • Chapter 96: How To Make Tsukamoto Faint
  • Chapter 97: Kyle Sudoh's Secret Weapon
  • Chapter 98: I'm in Love With the Boy

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