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Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 455: Evo With No Weak Spots (Part 2) (エボに死角なし(後編) "Ebo ni Shikaku Nashi (Kōhen)")
  • Chapter 456: Kobayakawa's Disappointment (Part 1) (小早川の不満 "Kobayakawa no Fuman")
  • Chapter 457: Kobayakawa's Disappointment (Part 2) (小早川の不満(後編) "Kobayakawa no Fuman (Kōhen)")
  • Chapter 458: A Silent Keisuke (沈黙する啓介 "Chimmoku Suru Keisuke")
  • Chapter 459: Fastest In North Kantou, Fireball Boy (Part 1) (北関東最速火の玉ボーイ "Kitakantō Saisoku Hinotama Bōi")
  • Chapter 460: Fastest In North Kantou, Fireball Boy (Part 2) (北関東最速火の玉ボーイ(後編) "Kitakantō Saisoku Hinotama Bōi (Kōhen)")
  • Chapter 461: Tension Max (テンションマックス "Tenshon Makkusu")
  • Chapter 462: The Last Situation (最終局面 "Saishū Kyokumen")
  • Chapter 463: Oomiya's Concern (Part 1) (大宮のおそれ "Ōmiya no Osore")
  • Chapter 464: Oomiya's Concern (Part 2) (大宮のおそれ(後編) "Ōmiya no Osore (Kōhen)")
  • Chapter 465: Premonition Of A Hard Battle (Part 1) (激戦の予感 "Gekisen no Yokan")
  • Chapter 466: Premonition Of A Hard Battle (Part 2) (激戦の予感(後編) "Gekisen no Yokan (Kōhen)")
  • Chapter 467: A Similar Concept (よく似たコンセプト "Yoku nita Konseputo")
  • Chapter 468: Advantage Of Being A Local (Part 1) (地元のアドバンテージ "Jimoto no Adobantēji")
  • Chapter 469: Advantage Of Being A Local (Part 2) (地元のアドバンテージ(後編) "Jimoto no Adobantēji (Kōhen)")
  • Chapter 470: Passing At The Middle (Part 1) (中間地点通過 "Chūkan Chiten Tsūka")
  • Chapter 471: Passing At The Middle (Part 2) (中間地点通過(後編) "Chūkan Chiten Tsūka (Kōhen)")







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