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Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 440: A Driving Genius Is Also A Normal Boy (天才ドライバーもふつうの男の子 "Tensai Doraibā mo Futsū no Otokonoko")
  • Chapter 441: Perfection (Part 1) (充実 "Jūjitsu")
  • Chapter 442: Perfection (Part 2) (充実(後編) "Jūjitsu (Kōhen)")
  • Chapter 443: The Seeds of Growth (成長の糧に "Seichō no Kate ni")
  • Chapter 444: The New Battlefield (新たなる戦場 "Aratanaru Senjō")
  • Chapter 445: The First Line (Part 1) (第一のライン "Dai Ichi no Rain")
  • Chapter 446: The First Line (Part 2) (第一のライン(後編) "Dai Ichi no Rain (Kōhen)")
  • Chapter 447: Rushing Into Practice (Part 1) (プラクティス突入 "Purakutisu Totsunyū")
  • Chapter 448: Rushing Into Practice (Part 2) (プラクティス突入(後編) "Purakutisu Totsunyū (Kōhen)")
  • Chapter 449: Information Battle (Part 1) (情報戦 "Jōhō Sen")
  • Chapter 450: Information Battle (Part 2) (情報戦(中編) "Jōhō Sen (Chūhen)")
  • Chapter 451: Information Battle (Part 3) (情報戦(後編) "Jōhō Sen (Kōhen)")
  • Chapter 452: Day of the Battle (決戦当日 "Kessen Tōjitsu")
  • Chapter 453: Hillclimb Start (ヒルクライムスタート "Hirukuraimu Sutāto")
  • Chapter 454: Evo With No Weak Spots (Part 1) (エボに死角なし "Ebo ni Shikaku Nashi")
  • Extra Story: West Gate 2 (ウエストゲート2 "Uesuto Gēto 2")

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