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With a little more torque and some tightening of the turns, Tak rides his brakes with the delicate touch of an artist. The young Speed Star drives his father's Eight Six through treacherous mountain passes in a race against the Night Kids' Zack. It's intuitive rookie vs. seasoned street racer atop Mt. Akina, where a deadly combination of five consecutive hairpin turns puts drivers to the ultimate test. As Ry of the Red Suns follows behind, he studies Tak's unorthodox moves and incredible raw talent with keen interest. He is one of many racers eager to pit their own talents against the mysterious Eight Six.

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 22: Pedal to the Metal, Tak
  • Chapter 23: Hot On the Tail of the GT-R
  • Chapter 24: Pushing It To the Edge
  • Chapter 25: Akina's Five Deadly Hair Pins
  • Chapter 26: X-Treme Control
  • Chapter 27: Levin It Up While You're Going Down
  • Chapter 28: A Friend Indeed Has A Levin In Need
  • Chapter 29: Another Downhill Specialist
  • Chapter 30: Shingo The Merciless
  • Chapter 31: Tak vs. Shingo
  • Chapter 32: The Duct Tape Deathmatch

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