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Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 11: Takumi!! Lightning Speed! (拓海!!電光石火 "Takumi!! Denkōsekka")
  • Chapter 12: Dogfight! (ドッグファイト "Doggufaito")
  • Chapter 13: Conclusion!! Takumi's Special Technique! (決着!!拓海の得意技 "Ketchaku!! Takumi no Tokui Waza")
  • Chapter 14: The Ocean Is So Big and Wide (海は広いね大きいね "Umi ha Hiroi ne Ōkī ne")
  • Chapter 15: Showdown At the Peak!! (頂上対決!! "Chōjō Taiketsu!!")
  • Chapter 16: Iketani's Valuable Experience (池谷の貴重な体験 "Iketani no Kichō na Taiken")
  • Chapter 17: A New Challenger!! (新たなる挑戦者!! "Arata Naru Chōsen Sha!!")
  • Chapter 18: Takumi's Pride (拓海のプライド "Takumi no Puraido")
  • Chapter 19: I'm Not Afraid of No GT-R!! (オレはGT-Rなんざ怖くねぇ "Ore ha GT-R Nanza Kowaku nē")
  • Chapter 20: Give the Eight-Six Back, You Stupid Old Man!! (バカおやじハチロク返せ!! "Baka Oyaji Hachi Roku Kaese!!")
  • Chapter 21: The GT-R's Weak Spot (GT-Rの弱点 "GT-R no Jakuten")

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