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When Takumi was talking with Project D's mechanics, he explains that he really enjoys what he's doing now. As the race between Project D and the wildcard Toudou School looms in the near future, each team meticulously prepares for battle. Vehicles are tuned to precision and strategies are carefully considered. When the day finally arrives the first meet is between Tak and Touduo's Daiki Ninomiya. And then it's on.

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 213: The Night Before the Battle
  • Chapter 214: Daiki Versus Tak
  • Chapter 215: Daiki Versus Tak (Part Two)
  • Chapter 216: The Frightening Power of Daiki!!
  • Chapter 217: Don't Look Back!
  • Chapter 218: The Braking Expert
  • Chapter 219: Another Piece of Advice
  • Chapter 220: Another Piece of Advice (Part Two)
  • Chapter 221: The Trap
  • Chapter 222: Fight, Tak!!
  • Chapter 223: The Miscalculation
  • Chapter 224: Daiki Acceleration
  • Chapter 225: Signaling the Counter-Offensive
  • Chapter 226: Awaiting the Chance
  • Chapter 227: Window of Opportunity

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