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Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 199: Battle of Recklessness (part 2) (イカれてる奴はどっちだ!?(後編) "Ikareteru Yatsu ha Docchi da!? (Kōhen)")
  • Chapter 200: Overcoming the Exposed Gutters!! (Part 1) (落とし穴側溝を攻略せよ!! "Otoshiana Sokkō wo Kōryaku Seyo!!")
  • Chapter 201: Overcoming the Exposed Gutters!! (Part 2) (落とし穴側溝を攻略せよ!!(後編) "Otoshiana Sokkō wo Kōryaku Seyo!! (Kōhen)")
  • Chapter 202: Touru Overturned (トオル玉砕!! "Tōru Gyokusai!!")
  • Chapter 203: Full Speed Uphill Battle (Part 1) (全開ヒルクライム!! "Zenkai Hirukuraimu!!")
  • Chapter 204: Full Speed Uphill Battle (Part 2) (全開ヒルクライム!!(後編) "Zenkai Hirukuraimu!!(Kōhen)")
  • Chapter 205: Proof of Maturity (成長の証 "Seichō no Akashi")
  • Chapter 206: The Battle of the Most Powerful FD (最強のFD乗り "Saikyō no FD Nori")
  • Chapter 207: Skills Greater Than Horsepower (技術が馬力(パワー)をしのぐ時 "Gijutsu ga Pawā wo Shinogu Toki")
  • Chapter 208: Akina Buddies (秋名の仲間達 "Akina no Nakama Tachi")
  • Chapter 209: Project D Encirclement (Part 1) (プロジェクトD包囲網 "Purojekuto D Hōi Mō")
  • Chapter 210: Project D Encirclement (Part 2) (プロジェクトD包囲網(後編) "Purojekuto D Hōi Mō (Kōhen)")
  • Chapter 211: Daiki's Strength (Part 1) (大輝の実力 "Daiki no Jitsuryoku")
  • Chapter 212: Daiki's Strength (Part 2) (大輝の実力(後編) "Daiki no Jitsuryoku (Kōhen)")

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