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The Spectre chases down a serial killer named Peter Strutz. Inside of Strutz' home is a shelving unit filled with jarred human heads. An enlarged Spectre squeezes Peter's head like a grape, killing him.

After the deed is done, Crispus Allen has a conversation with the Spectre entity. He criticizes the Spectre for his misplaced and oftentimes violent sense of justice. To broaden Allen's perspective, the Spectre opens a window through time towards a period when the former detective was working as a beat cop in Metropolis.

Later, the Spectre continues his investigation into the affairs of Satanic killer Karl Weiss. Allen's spirit arrives in Weiss' apartment, and he is surprised to find that the Satanist can actually see him. The Spectre however, won't allow Crispus to extol justice, citing that more pressing matters require their attention. He brings Allen to the scene of a holdup, where the Spectre metes out justice upon a gunman named Robert Ullman.

Meanwhile, Crispus' son Jake sneaks out of his apartment and meets a gang of thugs on a street corner. He illegally buys a pistol with the intention of gunning down Jim Corrigan – the man who killed his father.


  • Earliest chronological appearance of Crispus Allen.
  • Mister Weiss' first name, Karl, is revealed in this issue.
  • A reference is made to the Joker in this issue.
  • A reference is made to Jim Corrigan II in this issue.

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