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Drura Sehpt is from Somahtur, a planet whose inhabitants' bodies are home to colonies of micro-organisms. These microbe colonies can quickly infect other living bio-organism's while the host remains unaffected. Drura was the first of her race to bravely travel to the United Planets, to see places that her people were always concerned possibly infecting. She was confined for sometime to Medicus One, a medical satellite that orbits Earth, due to her races serious health risk to the population. When Drura was finally released she learned about the fabled team of galactic teens and auditioned at a Legion of Superheroes recent candidate tryouts. Taking the name Infectious Lass she showed off her powers by making Star Boy sick, but unfortunately couldn't control it. Drura gave him way too strong a dose, and got rejected. Feeling unable to prove her true worthiness as a possible Legionnaire she stayed on Earth to try to gain better control of her unusual abilities.


Infectious Lass was created by Cary Bates and Dave Cockrum.

Character Evolution

Silver Age

Superboy #201

Drura was another of the Legion of Super-Heroes' rejected that would go on to join the Legion of Substitute Heroes. Polar Boy, who was the leader of the Substitute Legion, was impressed with how Drura could induce illnesses. He hoped the new addition would cause there reputation to upgrade, however Drura's lack of control with her powers often backfired on her teammates - such as the time she accidentally infected Color Kid with a germ that changed his gender. When Polar Boy finally joined the Legion proper, Drura and the other substitutes decided to disband.

Five Years Later

Drura Foccart (Five Years Later)
Drura Foccart (Five Years Later)

After the Magic Wars, the United Planets fell into serious chaos, and Earth was overrun by aliens known as the Dominators. The Legion of Super-Heroes itself became unraveled, becoming subject to the Dominion's plans. In that time, many veteran members quit the team, and nearly every Substitute Hero was granted full Legion membership at last - including Drura. She ultimately left the team when Earth's government chased her out due to her powers. Jacques Foccart, Invisible Kid II and Drura's teammate, fled with her. The two formed a relationship and founded an underground movement against the Dominators, joined by other former Substitute heroes. When Earth was liberated, Drura and Jacques rejoined the Legion proper on Talus.

Reboot / Earth-247

Infectious Lass (Earth-247)
Infectious Lass (Earth-247)

Infectious Lass attended the first open auditions for new Legionnaires on Earth-247, but was rejected for unknown reasons. Later, she resurfaced as a Legion cadet. This version of Infectious Lass, as a cadet, often wore a helmet obscuring her head. Whether this was a way to protect those around her from her powers or a simple fashion statement was never revealed. She single handy defeated Arrow.

Retroboot / New Earth

Infectious Lass (New Earth)
Infectious Lass (New Earth)

On Earth-0 after Infinite Crisis, Drura and the Legion of Substitute Heroes fought Earth-Man and his Justice League of Earth. In battle, Drura was cast into the timestream and found herself in the 21st century. She did not arrive on Earth, exactly, but found herself in the company of other strange heroes from throughout time. This band of unlikely allies was led by Doctor 13 and fought against a near-omnipotent group of overlords known as the "Architects." Although they seemed successful in saving their own existence, the ultimate fate of these heroes remains a mystery. She's also fallen in love with the deceased pirate Captain Fear.

Major Story Arcs

Five Years Later

First Lady of the United Planets

Becoming romantically involved with Jacques, Drura started a serious relationship of lover and adviser and would later marry the former Legionnaire, Invisible Kid II. When the war against the Dominators was finally won, she joined Jacques as the First Lady in the presidential palace. Jacques never felt comfortable in the position, and eventually resigned it to return to the re-formed Legion. Drura than accompanied Jacques there as well and joined the heroes, even though she is not officially a member of the current Legion. She and Jacques were appointed the Legion's advocates on Weber's World after the Legion was framed for treason by Universo. While fighting Universo it was Druna who stopped him from escaping Weber's World. She and Jacques then proceeded to New Earth to help in the transporting of the pocket dimension's Earth to the real universe. This would be Druna's final act on our time stream, soon they disappeared due to Zero Hour.

Powers and Abilities


When Drura first applied, she showed limited control of her abilities. She is immune to all known diseases, native or alien in origin, but can spread disease easily. Unfortunately it took years to learn to control this ability and she could be a danger to her teammates just from being in her proximity. Now in near complete control of her powers Drura is truly a powerful opponent in battle, able to take down a more powerful opponent or even an army.


Drura also has completed Legion combat training and even further training from her husband the Invisible Kid. She was also given a Legion flight ring as all Sub's get once on active duty.

Other Versions

Other Media


Infectious Lass
Infectious Lass

Superman & the Legion of Super-Heroes

Drura is portrayed as withdrawn and seems to suffer from a mild asthma like condition and sounds permanently congested, often sniffling during speech. Her powers involve creating an infectious slime, but it seems limited to creating a quick, mild cold. Voiced by Kari Wahlgren.

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