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Two Inertia Winders

ICON came to earth with two inertia winders in his ship.   
One came into the possession of Curtis Metcalf.  He would use the device to slow his descent down the elevator shaft which led to his secret lab.  As he fell down the shaft, he was outfitted with the equipment that transformed him from Curtis Metcalf, Corporate genius, to Hardware, Corporate Raider. 
The second inertia winder was given to Raquel Ervin.  She convinced Icon to use his abilities to serve as a beacon of hope to the people of Dakota.  As Rocket, Icon's sidekick, She would use the inertia winder to manipulate kinetic energy.      The inertia winder enveloped Rocket in a field that could redirect, store and absorb kinetic energy.   The field allowed Rocket to hit with superhuman strength.   The release of kinetic energy during the punch gave the appearance of increased strength.   Rocket could use kinetic energy to increase the force of thrown objects.   Stored kinetic energy could be released as energy blasts.   Rocket could also use the inertia winder to surround opponents in field that negates kinetic energy.   The inertia winder could also be used to fly.  

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