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Blow of Life

I think  my enthusiasm with this title suffered a hard blow with this issue, because I didn´t like the dialogues and the purpose of this issue. The daddy issues that Banner has with this father could be best explored - specially now that he has lost a son - but because of all that´s going on, Pak couldn´t focus on this side, so it was just rant between the two of them, but I must admit it was very cool seeing Banner´s father again as a monster, reminded me of the Peter David/Dale Keown and Gary Frank era when Samson melded the multiple personalities of the Hulk and he had to struggle with his dad. Other thing that bothered me was the fact that Blonsky completely disappeared in this issue, only showing his ugly mug in the last pages - the whole thing was focused on him and Zom, and then where is Emil? The whole participation of the Hulks in Chaos War was interesting, specially because of the art of Paul Pelletier - he´s on fire in this title - but I guess it could be better. To be honest the best thing about this story was the inverted concept of "the most you hate me the stronger I get", this was really interesting, since the Hulk was all about "The angrier...", so it was a nice situation. The low rate is mostly because of Pak´s dialogues and the background story, that wasn´t nice at all. Again nice cover by Pagulayan. 
3.5 out 5 

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