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The True Successor.

I really take interest in characters like Cho, Mainly because i feel that they are really just secondary " supporting cast" type characters, but seeing him In Incredible Hulks, i just wanted to know more about him, and even though The Incredible Hercules run is awesome completely, this issue stood out more in my opinion.

Cho, in contrast to Hercules, has his brains, and thats what makes him a worrier. When Super heroes face their parents killers, things usually go down differently , the hero at least beats up the villain or messes him up, but cho is above all that. Now don't get me wrong, i love it when heroes cut loose and beat the living crap out of their enemies, but something different happens, cho beats the villain, but not doing anything.

it's all been building up to this, the battle of the minds, who's smarter than who. and in the end, even though we " theoretically" don't get an answer, it's not hard to piece that cho was smarter than his nemesis, because he made the right move, he denied playing his game.

One of the other things i like about this issue was the fact the Athena, plays a big role in Cho's origin, and even though at times pak made it look like she was a "b**ch", in the end it turns out that she was just doing what was best, and pak also emphasizes on the fact that Athena is full of wisdom, and that no one should question her.

The emotions in this book are also very strong, there is a scene where cho collapses on the ground and it was quite frankly awesome.

The ending just sealed the deal, with peter parkers awesome entrance .

As for the art, there isn't much to say other than the fact that it was really beautiful, which only just reflects paks awesome writing.

yet again, Pak provides us with an awesome series, and connects many of the unanswered question.

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