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The Quest of Hercules in space continues here.

The God squad starts out their quest to find the Skrull Pantheon. There is a slight problem they don’t know the way. So Hercules decides to stop and ask directions. So how does he go to? They travel to, Nightmare master of dreams and all around somnambulant villain, for the answer.

Hercules starts out with reminiscing about his time with Jason and the Argo. He even goes so far as to cast his motley crew in parallel roles. Casting Ajak as Orpheus, Atum as Pollux, Snowbird as Atalanta, and Mikaboshi as Pericymenus. He refuses to call Amadeus Hylas, which leads to the foreshadowing of things to come.

Snowbird question Amadeus as they come upon Nightmare leading to a mutual Skrull accusation, which also gives us the name for Amadeus coyote pup, Kerberos.

Nightmare demands to know the fears of the gods in return for the location of the Skrull Pantheon. Amadeus believes it is a trick and tries to dissuade Hercules. Through the dreams Nightmare learns Hercules fears failure as a result of his afinity for humans and how it could call his failure. Snowbird is revealed to be suffering from survivor’s guilt after Alpha Flight was killed. Atum or Demogorge is revealed to fear that the universe will go on for eternity and he will never be allowed to feed fully.

Mikaboshi is revealed to be nothing but a shadow. Hercules used his ability to fool Nightmare while Mikaboshi steals the maps. Hercules is then awoken by Kerberos and proceeds to fight Nightmares creatures. Atum then criticizes Hercules only to realize his plan.

The story ends with Hercules comforting Snowbird. He is not alone however as a very sinister green-eyed Kerberos looks on. He is sporting some kind of tech leading to the question is he a Skrull or is it Amadeus controlling him?

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