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Reformed supervillain Max Damage and his sidekick Jailbait travel to the ruins of Sky City. A vicious gang of Plutonian-worshipping white supremacists prey upon the survivors and rule without mercy. But there's one thing they didn't count on - Max Damage. The key to victory may lie in the hands of Alana Patel, Plutonian's ex-girlfriend. But how will Max ally himself with Alana when she hasn't come close to forgetting about Max kidnapping and torturing her in his days as a villain?

Back Blurb

Max Damage, formerly the world's most notorious super-powered criminal, now stands as a last hope against the world's savior turned ruthless villain - the Plutonian.

With a new partner by his side and the stakes set sky-high, Max finds himself teaming up with a central figure from the Plutonian's past in hopes of finding the key to stopping him. But when Max discovers he can't outrun his sinister reputation, will he be powerful enough to stop the crazed followers of the Plutonian in the wake of his murderous rampage? And will he finally prove he's the superhero the world needs?

The flip-side of the multiple Eisner & Harvey Award-nominated hit series IRREDEEMABLE, by the author of Eisner Award-winning KINGDOM COME and EMPIRE.

Collects issues #9-12.







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