SDCC 2012: Image Comics Experience Panel

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We're starting at 2:00PM guys! Hang tight!

2:00PM: Eric Stephenson is moderator of this panel. He says there will be a lot of announcements. Eric will be doing Nowhere Men in November. We get to see the cover and teaser page. Brendon Graham has a book called Multiple Warheads in October. First guest coming out. Joe Casey walks out. "Image Comics Wants You to Buy Sex" promo on the screen. He says superhero books always brushed against sexuality and he says it's time to embrace it. The book is called "Sex" and it's a new monthly series. "It's not a joke title... probably not at all what you're expecting." Artist is Peter Kowalski. Another new book with David Messina on art and Joe writing called "The Bounce."

2:05: The Bounce will make you wonder what Joe is on when you read it. We get to see a teaser for it. It's looks like a cover. Darick Roberts comes up for the next announcement. He'll be doing a book called "Oliver" with Gary Whitta. Kelly Sue Deconic comes up next. Emma Rios is the artist and Kelly is the writer called "Pretty Deadly" and it's trying to revive the spirit of Sergio Leone. Next panelist comes up, Chris Roberson. He's doing a new series called "Rain." We see a teaser page. It's a giant fantasy adventure. He's spent years building this world with hopes of being a novel, but he says he's lazy and couldn't put in all the work. He thought making a comic with another artist, Paul Mayberry, would be a great idea, and he said yes.

2:10: James Robinson walks out. He's doing a book with Jay Bone called "The Saviors." Bone wanted to do something dark because people consider him a kids artist. It's about an alien invasion and the main character has to find people that believe what he's seen. "There's a lot of violence." It takes place in New Mexico. The first 5 issues is the first arc. Howard Chaykin and Matt Fraction come out. The book, in 2013, is called "Satellite Same." Matt says it's about a murder during the golden age of television. IT's about a children's tv show host who is found dead in a compromising situation. They find a box of photographs of every woman he's ever been with.

2:20: Sorry about misspelling people's names. This panel is moving fast and there's no name plates. Ed Brubaker walks out. He has no announcements. JMS is starting a new business venture, including comics with his Joe's Comics imprint. Now, there's another guest. Greg Rucka comes out. A pic on the screen of teaser called Lazarus with Lark. Greg says it's Children of Men meets the Godfather. It's part science fiction... the main character gets hurt a lot in a dystopian future. It's something Mike [Lark} and he have been wanting to do for years. He wants to have it out before Spring of 2013.

2:25: Great Pacific by Joe Harris is coming out. Brubaker is going to host the Q&A and stand by the mic. Question time... What is the business strategy to become the top publisher? Eric says the strategy is not to take anyone out. "We're not at war with any other publisher." They just want to put out the best book possible.

2:30: Eric says everyone on the panel doesn't work for Image Comics. They own all their material. Howard states that he had a learning curve in working at Image because of the structure of the company. He had to make more decisions on his own. It's important for him to put out the best work. The work he's doing there is measurably more fun.

2:40: More about Nowhere Men and Point of Impact? Eric says Point of Impact is a crime story. Nowhere Men is a sci-fi story. What if scientists were celebrities and what people looked up to? And there's action and cool stuff in there as well. Happy is a crime noir that takes crazy twists. It's about a guy named Nick who is an ex-cop turned bad who buys drugs and seems like a bum that Darick is working on with Grant Morrison. Darick says it's the best work he's ever done. Oliver video. Darick says Oliver is a steam punk version of Oliver Twist. It's post-apocalyptic future. Clones are living as work slaves. Trailer time: Quick bits of art. Darick's work looks fantastic.

2:45: How do you keep ideas organized. Matt has note cards all over his desk. Eric says everyone pitches him multiple ideas that are all great. Rucka has tons of text documents. Lots of research and news feeds he reads every morning. Chris Roberson says he keeps tons of notebooks. Kelly says she writes about what she's angry about. Ed Brubaker asked what she was angry about while writing Pretty Deadly. She says it was from an article she read.

2:50: Is Sex going to be a sandbox book or an image to the entire Image universe? Joe Casey says it's not about that at all. Question for Fraction: Is creator owned work easier to get out? No. It's the same kind of difficult but in a different direction. Robinson says "if this is a piece of $h!t, I have no one to blame but myself." Bye bye everyone!

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If I was there I would throw things at Kirkman after Walking Dead #100

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Gary Whitta supposedly has something to announce at this called Gabriel.

Edit: I was wrong, Oliver it was!

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Kiiiiiiiiirkman raaaarrrrgghhh >:(

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Is Gary Wetta Gary Whitta?

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@Jonny_Anonymous said:

If I was there I would throw things at Kirkman after Walking Dead #100

same here

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James Robinson + Image = Something I'll read and probably love

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Ruka's Lazarus sounds interesting

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Lazarus and Saviors sound very very cool. Look forward to them.

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The Saviours and Sex ones to watch

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Almost every book there sounds amazing. Especially Emma Rios getting a regular series

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I am kind of unfamiliar with the writers and artists, but based on the brief description I'd say my favorite is Satellite Same. The concept thrills me, I just hope the execution is as great. However, Pretty Deadly isn't far behind. Everything is more or less interesting actually. Color me content.

As of right now, though, I'm just hoping my comic book store gets Revival. I was late to the party, and I just need to get my hands on that one.

Edit: Teaser trailer for "Oliver", thanks to Whitta's twitter feed: I like Gary. I love Darrick. I think I might check out Oliver.

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Kelly Sue DeConic writes about things she's angry about? Well, that's one of the best modes of inspiration I ever did hear!

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