Image Expo Returns to San Francisco January 2014

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It's no secret that Image has been kicking all sorts of butt lately with their recent titles. For the third year, they are carrying on the tradition of Image Expo.

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Taking place once again in San Francisco, Image Expo will be returning to the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts on Thursday, January 9. Creators announced (so far) to be attending include Robert Kirkman, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Matt Fraction, Rick Remender, Brandon Graham and Marian Churchland. There will be "surprise special guests" as well.

The all-day event is open to everyone. Tickets go on sale today. General admission tickets are $20 and Premium tickets are $50 which includes preferred seating and exclusive Image Comics releases. You can find out more information by clicking HERE.

Tickets can be purchased by clicking HERE.

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Wont be able to attend but hope to see some cool series being announced afterwards.

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Surprise special guest Tony Guerrero announcing his new book?

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The West Coast gets all the fun, throw us a bone out here in the North East.

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Wish I was able to attend :(

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Sounds awesome and totally affordable. If I didn't live thousands of miles away.

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@g_man, will any of the Comicvine crew be attending?

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No uk loving

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I went to the first one ever and it was such a blast!

Me and Norman Reedus at the Image Expo!

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Ok @g_man, I'll be on the look out for you and other comicvine people. Maybe I'll dress as a huge mantis shrimp to make it obvious. Haha, I should probably save that one for comicon though.

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