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Andrew "Andy" Prentiss was attending a summer camp at Cades Cove. After playing badly in a softball game a group of boys decided to play a prank on Andy by sending him out to hunt a non-existent creature called a Wampus in the middle of the night. While out looking for the Wampus, Andy got lost. After wandering around he comes upon a strange light in the sky. (This light was thought to be alien in origin at first.) This light surrounded Andy giving him a illuminating glow and the power of flight.

After returning to school Andy runs into a drug dealer name Nick Malloy. Nick Malloy killed and stole an amulet from a demon-possessed man. At a party that night, Andy saw Nick draining the life force out of a person at the party. Andy used his powers to fly away. The next day Nick hunted Andy down at his house and attacked Andy's brother Skip. Andy was heavily outmatched. He was able to hide in a near by church were Nick was unable to enter. That is were Andy meet an old biker name Gus. Gus see Andy, and believes that Andy has received his powers from God. Gus gives Andy his old motorcycle helmet and jacket after convincing him that God has a plan for him. 


Illuminator has the ability of flight and can discharge a light-based energy. He also can generate a light field around himself that can blind others. He has the ability to create a holographic double of himself. His powers seem to fluctuate, and he has shown varying levels of super-strength according to his faith.

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