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Silver Age

Original Appearance
Original Appearance

Ilda, also known as Robot F2324, was the robot secretary for intergalactic detective Star Hawkins and his companion of many adventures. She fell in love with a robot bodygaurd named Automan, and retired alongside Hawkins.

Major Story Arcs

New 52

New 52 Appearance
New 52 Appearance

Ilda and Star Hawkins helped out Jediah Caul, by digitally scanning a female look over him, during his time on the Hunted. Ilda has a more human appearance. She has been given blonde hair, blue eyes, and a skin tone with a few metallic areas showing. Hawkins programmed her with his ex-wife's memories. Caul finds K'Rot and they begin arguing in an access way. The arguing counteracts the radar that was being jammed and the hunter gangs were brought to aim on them. Ilda kills everyone within range except Caul and K'Rot. The blast causes her irreparable damage and Caul takes her memory chip to give back to Hawkins. Caul escapes from the borough that Brainiac has stolen and he places her memory chip within his ship soon after he breaks out of the recently collected borough. Ilda takes over the ship and quickly takes over Brainiac for a short time until he deletes her. Caul has his back broken by Brainiac when he came back for Ilda and uses his ring to create an armor around his back and he takes the collected borough back to bring back to planet Tolerance while Star Hawkins makes a phone call in his office to get the same model as Ilda while fishing out the original memory chip from a drawer.

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