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Igor Drenkov was a Soviet spy sent to the U.S. by the Gargoyle to steal the secrets of the Gamma Bomb. Drenkov assumed the cover of a scientist working at the military base performing experiments with the G-Bomb. On the day of testing the bomb, Rick Jones entered a restricted field nearby the detonation of the G-Bomb. Dr. Bruce Banner, the G-Bomb's inventor, asked Drenkov to postpone the test after observing Jones in the area. Banner left the safety of the shielded bunker to get Jones to a safe location. Drenkov, hoping to be rid of Banner in order to steal his secrets, continued the test and the G-Bomb exploded which resulted in Banner's later transformation into the Hulk.

Igor Drenkov in prison
Igor Drenkov in prison

The Hulk later went to Banner's lab and found Drenkov looking for the G-Bomb formula. Drenkov shot the Hulk but the Hulk just picked him up and threw him aside. Drenkov was captured by the U.S. troops who believed he was working with the Hulk and threw him into prison. Using a miniature transistor shortwave hidden in his fingernail, Drenkov informed the Gargoyle about the Hulk's existence. Years later, the Hulk used his Pantheon resources to locate and confront Drenkov about the past. Drenkov revealed he had been haunted by nightmares about his role in the G-Bomb test and driven insane as a result.

Recently, The Presence transformed Igor Drenkov into a multi-tentacled gamma creature. The creature ate one of the Crimson Dynamo pilots and was eventually defeated by The Winter Guard.

Alternate Versions

What If...?

What if General Ross had Become the Hulk

Instead of Bruce Banner running out to save Rick Jones, General Ross went, and Igor was forced to use knock out gas on Banner and the other scientists, so that Igor would have time to steal Banner's notes. Ross is changed into the Hulk and while on a rampage sees Igor making his escape. Knowing that Igor is to blame Ross-Hulk attacks and kills Igor.

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