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  • Name: Iggy
  • Age: 14 years
  • Hair Colour: Strawberry-Blonde
  • Eyes: Light blue
  • Very tall, slim and pale
  • Wing-Span: 14 ft, white albatross wings
  • Odd Features: He's blind


Iggy is stone blind but still an intense fighter. He is the pyro of the team, along with his best bud Gasman. The two are almost attached by the hip and always seem to cause mayhem wherever they go. Iggy's specialty is bombs. He also has highly acute senses, super sensitive touch, hearing, and smell.    
            He can remember ATM keycodes just by hearing them and feel how someone feels just by a light touch. It was recently discovered that he can see some shapes when they are against a pure white background and also tell the colours of objects by touching them. He was also the only member of the Flock to ever find his real family. However it was nothing like he expected and his mother used him to gain 15 minutes of fame. He eventually returned to the Flock, his true family, much to their glee. He had been very missed by Gazzy.
            Iggy can become comfortable with his surroundings in a matter of moments. Once he becomes aware of his surroundings he can move around with no problem. He flies on course with the rest of the Flock by touching wingtip to wingtip.

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