ICON vs. Captain Benjamin Sisko

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ICON vs. Captain Sisko

In an interview, the late Dwayne McDuffie had said that ICON had more to do with Captain America than with Superman. This is to point out the similarities between ICON from Milestone Media and Captain Benjamin Sisko from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Appearance: Let’s get the obvious out of the way. By Earth’s standards, both are Human African American males. Both wear outfits that include the color red.


•The stories of both ICON and Sisko starts off in a catastrophe in space which led them in an unexpected destination.

•In ICON issue #1 (Released on May 1, 1993) the Space Star liner had malfunctions which soon caused it to explode. ICON escaped via life pod and landed on Earth.

•In the pilot episode Emissary, (Debut January 3, 1993), the ship that Lieutenant Commander Sisko was on, The Saratoga, was destroyed by Jean Luc Picard (while under control of the borg) and he soon escaped with his son via escape pod. Three years later, he was given an assignment to work on Deep Space Nine.

•Back in 1839, Arnus’ Life Pod crashed on a Slave Plantation located in the American Deep South. This is the region where he spent several decades studying the culture of Humans.

•Sisko was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana (American Deep South). His father, Joseph Sisko, owned a Restaurant where Benjamin Sisko worked at from time to time.


•ICON or Arnus of Terminus started off as a mediator in Outer Space or a Space Lawyer. His job entails settling disputes between opposing parties. After the Space Catastrophe which led him to live on Earth for a 150 years, he winded being a highly paid lawyer.

•Sisko started off as a Commander on the Saratoga. As soon as he was assigned on Deep Space Nine as a Commander, his job was to “assimilate” the Bajorans with the Federation and the Occupation. He winded up settling disputes between the Bajorans, Cardassians, Romulans, Vulcans and the Federation. In certain episodes such as “Dax” and “Rules Of Engagement”, Sisko was required to be an Advocate (Defense Lawyer) for his crew mates. He’s proven that he has a high level of rhetoric and reasoning skills.

Marital Status: Both Arnus and Sisko were married to a female spouse once in their lives and were soon turned to widowers.

Character Arcs: To be a conservative means to be disposed of existing conditions, institutions, etc., or to restore traditional ones , and to limit change. To also be traditional in style or manner; avoiding novelty or showiness.

•Arnus first started off as a Conservative Booker T. Washington perspective. It wasn’t until he met his sidekick and friend, Raquel Irvin, that he started to change his perspective.

•When Captain Sisko first started out at Deep Space Nine, he was always serious; aloof and very much by the book. It wasn’t until he experienced the complications on Deep Space Nine, that he started to bend the rules a little. He reacted to problems in unorthodox manners.


•Arnus was convinced to be a Super hero by Roquel Ervin. She said he would be a hope to all as “Icon”. An “Icon” is a picture, an image or representation. So many expectations were placed upon him. Black people assume that he would be a “Messiah” of black people. That we would ignore their crimes. Because of his generic power set, people expected him to be a black superman.

•Captain Sisko was immediately referred to as “Emissary”. An Emissary is a representative sent on a mission or errand. A spiritual leader for the Bajorans. Sisko has wrestled with this title for some time but eventually got used to it. An excerpt from an exchange between Lieutenant Dax and Captain Sisko in the episode “Accession” :

“It isn’t that bad, isn’t it? Being the Emissary?” asks Dax. “A few ceremonies; an occasional blessing…”

”I wouldn’t say it’s that bad,” replies Sisko. “It’s just hard being a religious icon.”

Affiliation: ICON is part of The Cooperative which is an alliance of 10,000 alien species and almost as many planets. The Federation is also an alliance of different species.

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I miss Sisko...

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Aww man. It has been years since I saw DS9. I wonder if it's on netflix. Thank you for this post. It shed a new light for Icon. I wish the Milestone line wasn't acquired by DC for nothing.

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