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Proper Japanese Title: Kiss Otona Aji (KISS 大人味)

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 135. "Scene 122"
  • Chapter 136. "Acting or Truth!?" (演技!?本気!? "Enki!? Honki!?")
  • Chapter 137. "Feel That Way For Me" (気になって その気になって "Ki ni Natte, Sono Ki ni Natte")
  • Chapter 138. "Date ×4" (デート×4 "Dēto × 4")
  • Chapter 139. "Eat!"
  • Chapter 140. "Adult-Flavored Kiss" (KISS 大人味 "Kiss Otona Aji")
  • Chapter 141. "The Thing I Really Want" (ホントに欲しいモノ "Honto ni Hoshii Mono")
  • Chapter 142. "Destiny!? Flashback" (運命!?FLASH BACK "Unmei!? Flash Back")
  • Chapter 143. "Leaning Feelings... Chaos" (傾く気持ち...混乱 "Katamuku Kimochi... Konran")







Story Arcs

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