Iceman and His Feats Thread

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  In the battle forums there is a lot of downplaying Iceman because of people lacking the ability to provide feats.  I want to fix that.

Iceman Doing More Than Just Freezing

Iceman reforming himself from someone else's moisture.







Freezing Blood Flow to Emma's Brain



Rains on Johnny's Parade


Freezes Mammomax's insides


Levitating and Being Two Places at Once

Freezing Everything of a Celestial ship. Not on it, but what makes up the ship. So everything.


Taking Down Oblivion (The Abstract)


Flash Freezing a Fusion Core Explosion (Equivalent to a Nuclear Explosion)


Freezing Close to Absolute Zero

  More later.

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I have many in my images if you want to use them.

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Awesome scans :) 
I hope you don't mind if I saved a few of them to my personal gallery

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Every character should have a dedicated "feats" thread. It would sure save time in the battle forums.
Nice work, Amegashita.

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I'll just go ahead an post 1 of them 

 Blocks Sunfire's powers from working.
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Excellent thread. =)

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@eldestrisk said:
"Excellent thread. =) "

  Thank you =]. 
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@Strafe Prower:  I was trying to find that one scan, beat me to it.
You bet it would, instead of posting one picture per thread everytime someone asks "Feats please" we'll just post one link. 
@Power NeXus:
  No problem at all =P
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awsome thread BTW!!
this all? i was hoping more

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