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Toy History

The original (and only) figure of Ice Cream Soldier was released in 1994 (during the final year of the original G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero line) as part of the G.I. Joe sub-set "Battle Corps", and as such came with a missile-firing launcher and a "weapons tree" where one had to use wire-cutters to snip the accessories free. The accessories in question were reuses of, in addition to the launcher's missiles and the figure stand, a Beachhead V1 (1986) sub-machine gun, a Charbroil V1 (1988) flamethrower, a Mutt V3 (1992) pistol, and a Spearhead V1 (1988) knife. His entire mold would be reused in 2002 for two different G.I. Joe series--in the "Real American Hero Collection", it was recast in blue and red as the Cobra Organization's "Shock-Viper" troops, and was recast in red and black as the second version of the Shock Viper for the "G.I. Joe vs Cobra" series that same year. The upper leg molds of the figure would be used in 2006 for the character of Dragonsky in a comic book 3-pack featuring him and two other members of the Oktober Guard (Lt. Gorky and Sgt. Misha). The torso, arms, waist, and legs would later be used for the character of Lt.Clay Moore, a bad guy figure that was part of the 2007 G.I. Joe Collector's Convention exclusive box set, "Tanks for the Memories".

Character Bio (from original file card)

"Eating ice cream without hot fudge is like fighting without ammunition!"

The last thing you would expect from G.I. Joe's fiercest flamethrower commando is for him to be called ICE CREAM SOLDIER. However, it's a perfect cover for him because when Cobra hears the Joes are sending a guy into battle with a code name like that, they don't expect much more than a sweet-toothed kid with chocolate ice cream stains splattered on his fatigues. Cobra's perceptions of him change fast when they see Ice Cream Soldier fire up his super-charged flamethrower and blast 75 foot streams of flaming gasoline into their foxholes and munitions about a firefight! The Ice Cream Soldier is a one-man inferno who scorches those slimy snakes until they melt like hot fudge on a summer sidewalk!

Media Appearances

His name is mentioned on the active duty roster in G.I. Joe: America's Elite #25 (2007). Aside from that, he's never made any full appearance in a comic book or cartoon series.

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