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Iblis is an ifrit and the king of djinns.  He is partially responsible for bringing magic to Ciress.  According to myth, he questioned the creator of all as to why his kind, born of smokeless fire, had to share a world with those born of clay (humans).  The goddess was angered by his request and cut djinn off from magic.  Only by channeling magic through humans could djinn once again get access to the universal energies and it has been this way for thousands of years. 
When Animora attempted to conquer Ciress, Iblis realized the time to regain his power had come.  His minions fed on the magic of Animora's beasts and captured the weakend Atyaah.  When Giselle came to the Djinn Guild for training, Iblis took Master Atyaah's form.  However, Giselle discovered the ruse and defeated Iblis.  She then convinced him to work with the humans once again.

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