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With this volume, things become complicated (it often happens in the chronological history of Edifumetto). We have 3 (real) series with a total of 6 different numberings. "I Notturni" (the real 1st series) includes issues published between 1972 to January 1976, the numberings starting over in 1972,1973,1974,1975; after a six-month break, in July 1976 the series becomes "I Notturni Nuova Serie", starting over from #1 once again, until December 1978, ending with #30. In 1979 Edifumetto releases the reprint of the comic Wallestein (2 stories every issue), the name of the series being "I Notturni Terza Serie". For convenience we'll consider each numbering starting from #1, as a "new" series.

Here, the issues are proposed with the formula series/number (for example, V/25 means number 25 of the series).

For the first series, Edifumetto published 4 issues and 1 supplement (#3suppl.) in 1972; for the second series, 12 issues in 1973; for the third series, 12 issues in 1974, for the fourth series, 13 issues and 1 supplement (#8suppl.) from 01/1975 to 01/1976; for the fifth series, 30 issues from 07/1976 to 12/1978; the sixth series featured the reprint of 'Wallestein il Mostro' series, 2 stories each issue, 42 issues from 1979 to 1982, with previously unreleased covers.

Another series "I Notturni: A Grande Richiesta" came out in 1989, with 5 issues published.

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