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Hypno-Hustler is a man who used music to hypnotize people at concerts into giving him their money and valuables. He used a mix tape in a boom box to play the music, along with his guitar. His real name was Antoine, and he was originally on the streets untill he was taken in by a club owner. Eventually Antoine met three woman who could amplify his hypnosis powers by singing. He hypnotized them into joining him, and called them the Mercy Killers. In the action of robbing the club owned by the very man who took Antoine off the streets, Hypno-Hustler encountered Spider-Man. He was promptly beaten and sent to jail.

Mayor Story Arcs

Later Life

The Mercy Killers
The Mercy Killers

In Spider-Man Unlimited, Hypno-Hustler is seen again, but this time apart of a reformed villain program. It is unclear whether Antoine turned his career around. Hypno-Hustler is among many villains who attempt to capture Lily Hollister's baby for Doctor Octopus but is unsuccessful on finding it. He later flees to a police station after Spider-Man, who believes the baby is dead, defeats Diablo, The Spot, and Overdrive. He attempts to turn himself in in an effort to keep himself safe but the officers are unsure of what to do with him since he has committed no crime.

Avenging Spider-Man

Some time later, Antoine again fights Spider-Man and also the mercenary known as Deadpool.

Abilities & Paraphernalia:

Hypno-Hustler is an apparent inventor creating the specialized goggles he wears that are able to induce mass hypnosis. His belt can discharge a moderate electrical blast. His boots house four 3-inch retractable spikes in each sole that he could use to stomp into an adversary, and can release an airborne anesthetic gas from their tips.

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