The Rise of Another King Hyperion?

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I took a look at a couple issues of Squadron Supreme recently and learned that Hyperion has completely lost it. He murdered The President of The United States as well as several other people and is preparing to conquer the entire Planet. He claims that he is not doing anything wrong and that this isn't a matter of world conquest but it's clearly obvious that this is a matter of world conquest. Is it possible that the Supremeverse Hyperion is following in the footsteps of his deranged Earth-4023 counterpart? Is it possible that this Hyperion...

...will soon become more or less like this Hyperion? Will he end up becoming exact opposite of the hero he believes himself to be? What do you guys think? Is Supremeverse Hyperion on the road to becoming a reflection of his darkest alternate reality counterpart or will he be able to get a grip on himself and stop this madness before it's too late? Personally...I think by killing the President of The United States of America he has passed the point of no return and that there is absolutely no hope for redemption now.
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i havnt really been following Squadron but hes always had that chip

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Um I think once you kill the President and stuff you've pretty much passed from 'hero' to 'villain' it'd be nice if Marvel could do a Justice League type team without going 'oh mans they're way dark now ooOoOo edgy!' or even pretty much any alternate reality team. Its kind of getting old.

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I think Marvel has been having fun exploring the 'What if Superman went nuts?' stories using Hyperion to play the lead role.

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@PowerHerc: I thought that was Superboy-Prime?
Anyway i'd love too see This Hyperion fight king Hyperion.,
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@Primmaster64: No, Superboy-Prime is DC's vehicle for exploring the 'What if Superman went nuts?' possibilities.

I too would like to see that battle of the Hyperions.

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