Questions about the new Hyperion ? (SPOILERS)

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So I have read the new Avengers issue (Whitch is awesome) but when Hickman was explains his origins I was bit confused. First what did he mean by two hyperions did he mean its one person with two sides to him? Second is this Hyperion a new one or is it the Hyperion from earth-712 ?

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@Z3RO180: I was confused about that too. I wondered if he was playing the sentry angle and hyperion is eventually going to have to be taken down.

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@z3ro180: This Hyperion is a new one apparently he share more trait with King Hyperion He's power is based on solar absorption like King Hyperion and note like the original Hyperion(earth 712) who takes his power like all the Eternals from cosmic ray. what i understood with Hickman work is that there are two side of Hyperion the one who has listen all his life to the philosophy of his "father' which he (the other side) realized in a certain point of time had a flaw but by respect for his father he continue the way he has been taught but The other Hyperion has seen the flaw and want to rectify it because people are not a all but they are different part of a all with their life, their aspiration, dreams, love so that make the equation more complicated and now he might take a different approach of the problems and that is what we should be scare but it is too early to really know exactly what Hickman is planning because he's a great writer and in the end he might surprise us but lets hope he will do a spin off based on Hyperion about his adaptation to this new earth it can be very interesting to have a new title for him. I hope i clarified some of your doubt.

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@Supreme_Maj That clears up a lot thanks mate

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