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Pre Mortal Kombat

Hydro's past is shrouded in mystery like most members of the Lin Kuei. It is possible he was kidnapped as a child and raised by the clan as most new recruits were. What is know is that Hydro was in a similar league to both the older and younger Sub-Zero's along with Cyrax, Sektor, Smoke, and Frost. His training allowed Hydro to become a master over the element of water and he became a noted swordsman as well. He was allowed to follow Sub-Zero to Outworld for the Mortal Kombat tournament there. During these events Hydro was slaughtered by the Netherealm spectre Scorpion in his vengence against Sub-Zero for killing him and against the Lin Kuei for the massacre of his family and clan.


Hydro of the Lin Kuei
Hydro of the Lin Kuei
  • Height: 6'0''
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Nationality: Earthrealm (Possible Japanese)
  • Martial Art: Unknown (Possible Ninjutsu)
  • Weapons: Twin Katana

Powers and Abilities

Hydro was considered to be one of the Lin Kuei's top assassins, He possessed advanced martial art skills and could hold his own against most opponents. He was an avid swordsman and carried at least two katana across his back indicting a possible Japanese origin. His main power came in the manipulation over water. Hydro could shoot water at his foes with enough force to knock them back, or make the water cold enough to freeze them in place similar to Sub-Zero's own power. Hydro could even shoot boiling water to scald his enemies.

Other Media

Mortal Kombat Legacy: Hydro makes his first on screen appearance in the web series 9th episode. In this setting he has been turned into an early version Lin Kuei cyborg, unit LK 1V1, just like the more advanced units of Sektor and Cyrax. He is pitted against both Sektor and Cyrax in a training fight to see how their new programing stands up. At first Hydro seems to have the upper hand in the fight until Cyrax and Sektor start to work together and force Hydro to go offline Cyrax then uses a tri point wrist blade to slice Hydro's neck and then flip kick the cyborgs head off proving their superiority. As a cyborg Hydro does not showcase his water control powers though he does feature an extensive martial art list as well as the usual superhuman strength, speed, and cordination along with an electrical powerup ability.

Cyborg Hydro
Cyborg Hydro

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