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As a favorite character of mine, I could see Husk doing amazing things. With the upcoming "Schism" event, when the x-men will divide, I have a feeling she'll stick with Cyclops -_-(obviously not as much of a fan of him as I used to be).  But. I could actually see her having her own series about her leading a group of x-men, more specifically, the young x-men. In addition to that though, her power potential and leadership potential could go to greater lengths. To me, she's a younger, more direct Storm, just not using her voice. She's in the background too often. What are some thoughts? And if she should lead a team who would be on it?

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husk is hot...
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I've never warmed to Husk.  She iritated me as a wannabe X-Man during Generation X. Then in Uncanny X-Men she was dipicted as a b!£chy gossip, preachy know it all, and slept her way into the X-Men. 
That said, when handled by a good writer she has a lot of potential.   
However, she's a side-lined character right now.  Out of the hundreds of mutants on Utopia, it seems unlikely that many of our favourite 'support' characters will get any time in the spotlight or chance to develop.  Instead I have a horrible feeling that she & many of the other younger mutants willbe reduced to cameo apeparances only.

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@xerox-kitty:  So do you think that maybe Marvel should work into getting a new book that focuses on those characters that we're hungry for? I mean there's Legacy, but that went from multiple character spotlights to Rogue's own series. I like Rogue and all but they have written her to a cliff and they need her back onto the mountain. And with Husk, I get your point. Her attitude get's the best of her waay too fast, so maybe the writers should add some maturity to her?
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She was written the best during the original Age of Apocalypse. Her true potential, personality wise and power wise, was only shown here as she carried an injured teammate most of the time during her teams last mission, and she was the only member of her team capable of surviving a horde of attacking mutants in order to reach the exit, only to have Colossus let the door shut on her. She has never reached that level again in any other book. She is smart and tough, and IMO, her portrayal in the AoA was what she should've been like when she joined the X-Men. She was even shown to be able to copy other people's appearance and that has yet to be touched on at all. I've all but given up hope on Husk reaching any sort of potential in the 616 universe, which is quite sad.

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I don't care much about Husk. But I never liked her relationship with Angel.

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Husk is one of the many mutants I am in love with, and she will become her true potential. I live the secret, so there for it has to happen.

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I enjoy her, I would like to see a book devoted entirely to mutants like her who have been in the background but deserve to have some forefront exposure.

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I like Husk in general, but I think she is one of those characters that has the potential to be "to strong", and brings up a lot of questions.

1) How far can she go with her skin as stated above, Poisons, Acids Adamatium, Mustard Gas, Other people? She has the potential to be just about anything.

2) Does She get a longer life due to this mutation. If you look at aging, then look at her powers she might be able to have this Issue or maybe the reverse does removing her skin actually speed up the aging process.

3) Healing aspect how far can removing skin actually heal her. From, near death? Missing limbs(not likely but can't leave it out)?

4) How does this skin removal really work? Is it like human skin with about 7 layers, if so can she have multiple layers of Skin all begin different ? How often? How Fast?

5)What happens to the discarded skin? Does stay or decays at unknown rate, is it up to her on how the old skin is dealt with?

If you really look at the potential of Husk you can see why writers shy away from her as a main character.

I also look at this as see one mean ass villain, which i like.

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