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Huricane in his prime
Huricane in his prime

Harold Kane was an outlaw in the wild west. He was greately wounded in a shoot out with Western hero the Two Gun during their first encounter. He was able to escape and was saved by an indian medicine man who used magic to heal Kane. The medicine man aslo gave him "the speed of a couger". Harold then challagned Two Gun agian and this time won. Later Two Gun came back and won. Kane was defeated and headed for the hills.

Kane met up with the future once, when a band of the superheroes known as the Avengers came back in time to the Wild West era of America. After this, nothing has been heard from the Hurrican anymore.

Alternate Version

Marvel Zombie

Hurricane as an old man
Hurricane as an old man

The Hurricane of Earth-483 is an elderly drunk. He has a daugher named Swift Cloud. The two run a failing saloone in Rango, a small western town out side of Boot Hill Cemetery. Hurricane still has his quick draw and sharpshooting powers but they only work in a fight. Years ago he mistakingly shot Little Cloud, his indian wife and Swift Cloud's mother, during a stunt show.

During a Zombie attack of all of Huricanes dead friends and foes, Huricane is overwelmed and passed his powers onto his daughter. Moments later Swift Cloud uses the power to stop the zombie hoard, with some help from Machine Man and Howard the Duck. One of her last acts to shoot the now zombie Hurricane in the head putting him to rest.


Harry was superhumanly fast, allowing him to draw his gun at high speeds. His aim sucked though.

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