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A member of the Weapon Plus program, Huntsman was artificially evolved in " The World". Within The World Weapon Plus was able to use A.I.M. technology to accelerate, decelerate, and stop time in order to accelerate the evolutionary process and study their test subjects. With this artificial time control as well as sentinel nano-technology they sought to create living weapons. Huntsman and the other inhabitants of The World believed themselves to be all that was left on a barren Earth, and were isolated from the general population.

Huntsman was "accidentally" released in a shipping disaster midway through the English Chunnel. He was released along with Fantomex, who escaped the Chunnel to locate Professor X to demand sanctuary. Huntsman stayed in the Chunnel tunnel and began infecting those around him, taking them under his control. A small X-Corporation team were able to hold off those under his control, however only barely. Darkstar was taken over by Huntsman. Fantomex arrived back at the Chunnel with Professor X and Jean Grey. Xavier used the Multiple Man's replicating ability to overload Huntsman, killing him.


Huntsman was created by Grant Morrison and Igor Kordey for use in Marvel comics. The characters first appearance is in New X-Men #128, and his last appearance and death came in New X-Men #130.


Huntsman's powers were derived from a combination of advanced nano-technology and artificial evolution from artificial time manipulation. While he had one primary body, Huntsman's mind and consciousness was viral in nature, made up of millions of technological microorganisms which could infect those that he touched. Anyone that he touched effectively became an extension of his own body. According to Fantomex and Jean Grey, anyone under Huntsman's control were effectively dead, no longer having any part of themselves in them.

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