Why doesn't Black Canary train HER?

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One thing that's always sort of bothered me about Birds of Prey is that so much time is devoted to Dinah's rigorous training as well her training/tutelage with Lady Shiva and other masters. But being that she has a tendency to attract a lot of martial arts-centric opponents wouldn't it be wise train Helena? This most recent fight with Shiva isn't the first time she's been horribly beaten against a martial artist, it's happened a couple times before. Why not make Helena as close to her in skills as possible given she's risking her life usually to face off against a lot of Dinah's enemies? 

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That's actually a really good point. I never even thought of that, but it makes sense. LOL 
Maybe she just doesn't really trust Helena yet? I thought they had grown close, though. 

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Helena states that Black Canary taught her a certain style in the White Canary arc but I can't remeber what style in paticular

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prob gonna happen now... lady shiva'll give her lessons... maybe
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@ReVamp said:
"prob gonna happen now... lady shiva'll give her lessons... maybe "

that would be cool
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I want Huntress upgraded soooo bad it's not even funny
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Black Canary doesn't train her for the same reason that Marvel would never let Iron Fist formally train Luke Cage,or Cassandra Cain never trained Stephanie Brown, or Captain America never trained Kate Bishop or Patriot.It takes something away from the character.You can't have every street leveler being trained by great fighters.some of them have to fill the mid to low tier quota.

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@AntiHeroMofo said:
"I want Huntress upgraded soooo bad it's not even funny "
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same she should not suck. in fact she should be canary rival
#10 Posted by daredevil21134 (15663 posts) - - Show Bio

yeah i know
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All in due time. She may not be that good of a fighter compared to the likes of Shiva, Cassie, Bruce Wayne, Dick, Jason, Tim or whoever, she's been known to take hits as from her fight with Shiva.
I too would like to see her improve.

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I think they should start focusing on amping Helena up in the combat department, she's too good of a character to be left by the wayside like this. I know her temper goes against the discipline these other fighters try to assert in order to be unbeatable but I think it'd be all the more fun to see her become even deadlier. One thing I've always liked about Helena is that she works out an honor code sort of as she goes along, one minute she's classically heroic and the next some  thug is getting the business end of a crossbow bolt. Her almost killing Penguin recently was AWESOME I thought.

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I think that's the problem with Dinah not training Helena, Huntress is still very much a loose cannon and Dinah doesn't want to be responsible for training someone who is potentially a danger to themselves.  Besides, I like Helena's raw edge in contrast to Dinah's refinement... but I do agree, Helena should get a power boost...

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As long as she's in Birds of Prey Gail Simone will not let her come close to being as good as Black Canary
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  • @HexThis:
    Point Blank Huntress doesn't need it. 
    Read some of Huntress past arcs and you will see that she already has substantial combat skills and training and Black Canary trusts her enough to allow her to fight along side her against the 12 brothers in silk (who were said to be near shiva level combatants), and she was good enough to knock Shiva on her @$$ 

    As far as her training goes: 
    Her cousin Sal --Mafia assassin/ weapons training and hand to hand combat 

    Richard Dragon-- Martial Arts
    Checkmate--While it was not officially stated; the fact that she is their former queen would imply some combat training from their organization.   
    While I do not believe she is as good as Black Canary in terms of martial skill, she makes up for it in ferocity, ruthlessness, and cunning. Then she can fall back on her skills.  
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Wouldnt say getting horribly beaten by Shiva is a low showing...most people end up that way.

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