HUNTRESS in The Dark Knight Trilogy

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I don't know about you, but I believe that she would have been a good supporting character in this franchise; perhaps not as the Huntress herself but as Helena Bertinelli. It would have been great having a school teacher called Miss Helena Bertinelli; whose parents had been murdered by some criminals, working at the orphanage where John Blake worked. They both could have worked together to bring order during the riot.

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They had a lot of characters as is.Admittedly she would have likely worked better than Catwoman but whats done is done

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It would have been awsome.

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Huntress could work pretty well in the nolanverse but a cameo wouldn't have hurt.

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On a lot of roleplaying forums that are set in Nolan's Universe, she fits very well. A lot of people make her a little bit younger than Bruce, about 26, and have her as this vengeful vigilante who Batman has to pull into line because she murders when Batman doesn't. 
She's a dark character who, provided her costume was done correctly, could be very intimidating.

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@RainEffect said:

She's a dark character who, provided her costume was done correctly, could be very intimidating.

All they would have needed to do was give Anne a different mask.

But, what they should have done was not only not have Helena, but drop Catwoman as well, & focus more on John Blake.

But, TBH they could have had any of the Bat-Females in the movie, thats how pointless Catwoman was. In fact, all of them would have actually been a better choice.

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