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Hunter is a violent villain who rushes headlong into combat. He possesses a powerful Astro-Harness with blasters which he uses to fly and as his primary weapon. He is a part of a team put together by Dr Impossible to collect pieces of an alien device capable of viewing the Multiverse. Hunter, Neon Black and Dr Impossible attacked the Justice League satellite to gain one of the pieces expecting a fight. The Justice League of America were not there and the only person they found was Green Arrow who was no match for them. This upset Hunter as he was looking for a fight. 
He, along with Dr. Impossible and his gang, later returned. With the assistance of the Crime Syndicate of America, they infiltrated the Hall of Justice's morgue storage to retrieve the corpse of Alexander Luthor. The corpse was a ruse as Hunter was chosen to become the vessel for Darkseid by using Dr. Impossible's Resurrection Machine. When the experiment was over, Omega Man appeared and all hell broke loose.

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