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Human Flame

A criminal who gains fire powers by using a power suit, The Human Flame liked to think of himself as a big time villain before he was humiliated by The Martian Manhunter and his life went down the toilet. The Human Flame was confronted by Red Arrow and Hawkgirl when robbing a bank, he was offered a place in Libra's society and whatever is heart desired after his attacks were fended off.

When Human Flame asked for the death of Martian Manhunter, Libra captured the hero and killed him in front of many villains by stabbing a still groggy J'onn through the chest, causing ripples of change throughout the DC Universe. 
In the aftermath of Final Crisis, Human Flame realizes his mistake of aiding in the death of the Martian Manhunter. He realizes that almost all the heroes and villains in the DC Universe are going to try to kill him. Working with a friend, he tries to steal money from the Kyrghyztani mafia. This failed miserably, and ended in a shoot out at a children's' playground and restaurant. His friend is killed, and left in the ball-pit, where it is later discovered by Firestorm and John Stewart. Human Flame ignites bug spray, setting the head of the Kyrghyztani mafia on fire, along with the playground mascot. Human Flame runs away to the house of his ex-wife. Promising to read his daughter a story, he sends her upstairs. He then ties up his wife so he can steal his old costume. He drives away in his wife's car, with his daughter's bike still attached to the trunk. The Kyrghystani mafia strike again, blowing up the car. This leads to another showdown. 
He decides that he needs better equipment. Human Flame goes to Heat Wave, who promptly beats him up and leaves him in an exploding fireworks factory. Human Flame survives and goes to a bar where the super-villlain losers hang out. There, he meets with Condiment King. Condiment king takes him to General Immortus, who with the help of Dr. Milo gives him surgical implants that allow him to use his powers. General Immortus wants Human Flame to work with him and his new team, composed of Condiment King, Polka-Dot Man, Sportsmaster, Seductress, Brown Recluse, Miss Army Knife, and N-Emy. Human Flame proves his loyalty by killing the traitorous N-Emy. He eventually gets fed up and runs away with Seductress. The rest of the team all pursue. They are all killed, with the exceptions of Immortus, Milo, and Seductress. 
Human Flame visits the lab of Dr. Xenophon Quincy, where he accidentally frees a multi-dimensional hyper-griffin. Dr. Quincy gives him a temporary power boost so Human Flame can defeat the hyper-griffin. He does so, and then goes to gain greater power, abandoning Seductress. Seductress gives his location away to the heroes tailing the Human Flame, John Stewart, Red Tornado, and Firestorm. They meet Human Flame at a nuclear reactor. Human Flame falls into the reactor, and it combusts. Instead of being killed, Human Flame has gained the powers he has wanted. Claiming he is no longer the weak human he once was, he goes on a rampage. However, he grows to big and his mass is impossible for him to move. The heroes imprison him in an asteroid, where his powers are siphoned. Before leaving John Stewart takes a cell phone picture of his fate.

Powers and Abilities

Initially Human Flame had no powers and wore a suit with nozzles that release fire. Later he was physically enhanced by Professor Milo who implanted some fire-emitting gadgets into his body and made him more invulnerable. Doctor Xenophon Quincy also augmented his powers by injecting liquid nanoreactors that converted Mike's mitochondria into fissile matter (but only for short time). It gave him more extensive fire-controlling powers and abilitiy to fly. When he was caught in the center of a nuclear explosion he gained even more power, including mass control.
After so long he appears again bringing death
After so long he appears again bringing death

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