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HULK Issue # 30
HULK Issue # 30

''Can't think... head's all full of nerd...''  

- Rulk 
That is just one of many great lines that can be found in the thoroughly enjoyable 30th issue of HULK ''Marvel Two in One'', where Thaddeus Ross and Bruce Banner are forced to confront their worst nightmare:  work together in the most intimate of ways. Both Hulks are literally ''smashed'' together in order to fight an intergalactic titan that has a personal vendetta against the Green Hulk whom he lost to in battle before. Needless to say it's a little perplexing to the titan when a Red Hulk is found, but no matter.  This time the odds are stacked against both Hulks, who must work together to defeat this common enemy in every sense of the word... with a little merging assistance from the always humorous Impossible Man as he broadcasts the brawl to an intergalactic audience. 
The Compound Hulk
The Compound Hulk

The Compound Hulk could have easily been a one-trick-pony, a clever eye-catching cover with an idea that all too wears out its welcome before you reach the end of the book.  But thanks to the story and witty dialogue of Jeff Parker, and the deep-rooted history of loathing Ross and Banner have for each other, their smallest attempts at working together like the simple feat of walking is very entertaining.  Add the stellar return of the much missed Ed 'Born to draw Rulk' McGuinness as lead artist and his fantastic cover, and this issue aims to please.  Pure fun.  

Two Hulks are Stronger than One
Two Hulks are Stronger than One


Hopefully one day we'll see the return of Compound Hulk for an extended period of time, in a less comical way.  There would be a very compelling and serious story to tell as both Banner and Ross are forced to share thoughts, feelings, dreams and nightmares... and battles... finally having a chance to really understand where each one is coming from.  If done right, the potential for a great storyline is enormous. 

4 out of 5 Stars 



A general falls. A red monster rises. Stay tuned.

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