Mavel Now - whats in the flying thing next to hulk ?

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so in the picture below what is thaat flying thing next to hulk is that meant to be banners brain? also how is the hulk not breaking everything in sight is he smart now or something?

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I think it controls him actually.....
are those Battle Droids from Star Wars he defeated??

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#3 Posted by z3ro180 (8660 posts) - - Show Bio

@cattlebattle: think so

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I think the robot is there to observe him.

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Hulks gonna smash shit and Banner-bot is jus gonna float around saying 'Ai-yi-yi' ala Alpha from Power Rangers

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Umm it's the banner-bot and its awesome and needs its own entry I the database ;), Bruce banner is a genius it's about time his brain didn't need to exist in his body... Well a copy of it anyway... Maybe a LMD would be better, but i like it, it reminds me of the EDE drone in The fallout games...

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