How would you finish a Hulk film series?

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The saga of the Hulk seems to be a never-ending one, as Banner never seems to be able to get rid of the Hulk and the Hulk simply doesn't seem to be able to ever die. So, if there was a consistent film series about the Hulk and they had to conclude Banner's and the Hulk's story in one last movie, what kind of conclusion would you like to see? Would you have Banner finally find a cure for his condition, or would he make piece with the Hulk? Would the Hulk find a place where he could finally be left alone for the rest of his days? And if so, would Banner and Hulk get separated and live the rest of their lives as they saw fit, with Banner finally settling down with Betty and make piece with General Ross? Would the Hulk, as we don't really know what sort of being he is, ascend to some kind of entity, like a godlike personification of anger and/or strength? Or would you have it all end tragically with the Hulk and/or Banner dying, or, as he seems unable to die, be doomed to live on forever with no purpose to his existence? What are your thoughts?

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Making Banner forget his past and forget about the Hulk and start fresh, from scratch.

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Hulk vs The army

Hulk vs Himself

Hulk vs The world

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