how smart is Bruce compared to others

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how intelligent is Banner compared to

Reed, Stark, Doom, Pym, T'Challa, Cho, Beast,

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I think he's smarter than everyone except for Reed and Doom.

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He is in the group of 8th smartest people on Earth. I also remember the comics mentioning he is the 4th smartest person. Personally from the group you gave us, i'd put him above everyone except Reed, Doom and Pym(though it's a close call here).

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I place Banner right along the lines/at the same level of intellect as Reed, Doom and Pym.

Smartest There Is.

'Nuff said.

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He is definitely in the top eight. I would say he is below Reed and Doom. They are generally Marvel's top science guys, foremost experts in all fields, etc. Bruce is probable better at them in the field of gamma radiation and maybe radiation in general, but not overall nor in their own respective fields. That should be true for experts in other fields like genetics and the High Evolutionary.

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