How many MPH does hulk go when he jumps up? AVENGER'S HULK?

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How many mph does Hulk go when he jumps off the ground? Just wanted to know because I invented a superhero character who can fly whatever speed she is moving at. She is at least as strong as the hulk normally is, which means she can lift a 100 tons. So my question is, how fast does hulk go when he is jumping off the ground? Once I know that I will know the max speed my character can fly, because her speed is static unless she is attached to a surface that is changing speed. Also because her hulk strength/durability only lasts for a minute before requiring a 15 second recharge; she would have normal human durability for 15 seconds after. If she is going too fast, she may die before the 15 seconds is over. I just want to know if she would survive. I am referring to the movie hulks jump feats from avengers.

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I think you're over thinking it. When Stan Lee created Spider-man , Hulk etc. he just added stuff in thinking "That'll be cool"

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LOL. Problem is...I'm not Stan Lee. The way I see it, if your going to put them in our time period, you may as well let them have some limitations that correlate to science in some way. And yes, I do like science fiction, does it show?

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He casually jumps at the speed of sound or greater

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