Do we need a "Planet Hulk" & "World War Hulk" movie?

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The rumor mill once said, there will be more Hulk movies: Hulk is exiled into space and even a World War Hulk should be planned. Josh Whedon denies, and I think that´s good.

What do you think? Would it be a good idea? Do we need such comic book adaptations?

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Too much heroes vs heroes in comic books. I hope it doesn't spill out too much into the films.

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I dont see how they could make it. Mark Ruffalo will only be used for recording moves and expressions, it will be doing more stunt job.

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I just want World War Hulk to be the animated sequel to Planet Hulk. They can do so much more with animation and they wouldn't have to introduce every character. They can just show up.

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Not right now. MUUUCH later.

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I'd like a live-action PH movie.

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Nope :P just give me a good storyline involving The Leader like The Incredible Hulk was building up to.

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