Could the Hulk be faking?

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Has it ever occurred to anyone that perhaps Bruce Banner does have complete control over himself when he is the Hulk, but chooses to pretend that he doesn't in order to be able to enjoy smashing things without having to endure responsibility when he is back to Bruce, and the idea of his mind changing is just an act, or are there comics which would disprove this?

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If he did then Hulk and Banner would not have been split. If this was the case then it would completely ruin Hulk for me, I like Hulk because of his personality and if that was taken away then I would probably stop liking him and start hating him

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#3 Posted by KainScion (2991 posts) - - Show Bio

this is so stupid its not even funny.

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There are countless comics that disprove this theory completely, Doc Samson (before going all villain) proved that Hulk was actually a sufferer of a severe case of multiple personality disorder (not the technical name I know but my spell check refuses to accept that for some reason)

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They actually did this exact retcon but with the Lizard. It was thankfully instantly forgotten and ignored.

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I don't think Bruce is faking, he does suffer from MPD after all...

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This same idea was suggested by DC for an arc with The Joker.

The only thing I'd say now is Bruce Banner likes to whine a lot about the crap that happened 20-30 years ago. Freaking Red Hulk is getting over his issues faster than Big Green is.

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That would be pretty f'en hilarious

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On a deeper level you could argue that Banner is "faking" in the sense that the Hulks are personas that allow him to indulge his destructive impulses while simultaneously disavowing responsibility for them. IIRC Ross made something close to this accusation around the time of Betty's death. OTOH under Pak it was hinted that Hulk might be something that Banner created to protect the world from what something that might be even more dangerous to mankind - a Bruce Banner who was free to devote himself to science and the creation of more weapons and bombs.

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I'd buy Hulk being Bruce's real personality and Bruce being one that was made up to be the one that voices his issues where as the hulk just simply ignores them and wants to be left along as the original personality

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#12 Posted by joshmightbe (27412 posts) - - Show Bio

I will say if you look past the property damage caused by the Hulk some of the most awful things the character has done were while he was Banner.

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