Could B.Banner help Robert Reynolds control his alter egos ?

#1 Posted by kgb725 (12929 posts) - - Show Bio

Since Bruce learned how to control the hulk could he teach bob the same ?

#3 Posted by dum529001 (3709 posts) - - Show Bio

Banner didn't learn to control the hulk, he just directs him in the right direction.

not the same thing.


#4 Posted by fodigg (6233 posts) - - Show Bio

I don't think this is a good idea. The Void can't be "controlled", he's the Sentry and the Sentry is him. By using the power of the Sentry the Void is unlocked. There's no way around that, as Emma Frost found out.

It would be a bit ironic though, considering that Sentry tried to do for Hulk exactly what you're describing, except that his "calming rays" pretty much turned Hulk into his pet.

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