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Hugh Marder was created by Detective Comics writer, Tony Daniel.

Major Story Arcs

Detective Comics: Faces of Death: Dollmaker

While dealing with the Dollmaker, Bruce Wayne's company, Wayne Enterprises, ends up acquiring tech corporation Mecha-North. One day, CEO Hugh Marder meets with Bruce, prior to the deal's finalization to inform him that Wayne Enterprises has been out bid by Q-Core, Oliver Queen's corporation. Despite the outbidding, Marder informs Bruce that he's decided to accept Wayne Enterprises offer instead, feeling as if it would be more beneficial for both parties involved, despite the lower bid.

Detective Comics: Faces of Death: Penguin

When Charlotte Rivers goes to the grand opening of The Iceberg Casino she meets Hugh and his date, Sophia Lake, for the evening. She informs Huge that Bruce Wayne has stood them up again, but Huge brushes it off as a minor inconvenience. Sophia then tell Charlotte that Huge usually turns in early and the two of them will have a girls night.

Later, while investigating Mr. Toxic, Batman heads to Wayne Tower to check out Marder's Hadron Collider and finds Marder in the collider, being irradiated. Batman runs to save him, but is attacked by Mr. Toxic. Batman fights Mr. Toxic, trying to get to Marder. When he finally beats Toxic, he breaks Toxic's helmet to reveal - Marder? Batman, confused, loses Toxic in an explosion and Toxic gets away. Batman rushes to save the first Marder, but it is too late and Marder dies from the radiation.

Later still, Bruce Wayne speaks to Prof. Alan Smart about Marder. Smart claims Marder made clones of himself, which would explain the two Marders. Smart gives Bruce an "info-pen" which tells about Marder's plan to become immortal. In the Morgue, Mr. Toxic resurrects Marder and brings him to Dunhill Labs. Batman proceeds back to Dunhill as well, but to stop Marder and Toxic (actually a clone of Marder). Batman succeeds, and apprehends a now unified Marder.

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