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Captive of the Cat Curse

An enormous black cat terrorizes the city. Mark Merlin explains the situation to his secretary, Elsa Magnusson. The Premier of Saruba had sent the tomb of Pharaoh Memakata on a good will tour of the United States. Merlin was on the reception committee, where he was introduced, by Mayor Gilbert, to Ambassador Fazir. An exchange student, Gamel Saik, stormed the reception, and warned them of the tomb's curse.

Saik attempts to sabotage the reconstruction of the tomb. At the grand opening of the tomb, a painting of Pharaoh Memakata's wife, Cletoma, curses the crowd, as well as the city. Merlin explores the tomb, after hours, and discovers the Pharaoh's Charm, hidden in a hollow stone. Shining his flashlight upon the charm, Merlin finds his mind transferred into the body of a stray black cat. Merlin discovers that it is Fazir, not Saik, who is behind the Pharoah's curse.

Fazir's scheme is meant to shame the current leader of his country, so that Fazir may take his place. Magnussen discovers Merlin's body, and believes him to be dead. Magnusson is removed from the tomb, by Fazir's guards. Fazir comes across Merlin's body, and decides to use Merlin's "death" to fuel hysteria surrounding the Pharaoh's Curse.

Back in the tomb, Fazir, and his men, are confronted by Cletoma (really Magnusson), who is led by Merlin, still in the body of the black cat. Merlin claws out, in the dirt, an accusation against Fazir. Exposed, Fazir confesses to everything. Merlin's mind is transferred back to his body. Merlin keeps Memakata's charm.

The Box of Four Fears

Strange Sports Stories

The Terrible Prophecies of the Tattooed Man

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