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The issue opens with Black Canary, the Flash, and Atom Smasher investigating the background of Hourman. They find his conflicts with the JLA and with Rick Tyler, and wonder how they missed all this when they invited him to join him to the Justice Society. Luckily, they no longer have to worry about him, since he resigned after fighting Extant.

Back in Happy Harbor, Hourman tells Bethany Lee that he has resigned from the Justice Society. Bethany is uncharacteristically more interested in her missing dog than in Hourman. Hourman goes to the Mad Yak Café, where her tries to patch things up with Snapper. After the events of last issue, Snapper still has not forgiven him. However, Snapper gets suspicious when no one else in the café just saw Hourman come in.

The future Hourman reveals himself to be Bethany’s missing dog, when he transforms and confronts someone investigating Bethany. The person investigating Bethany is a detective working for Wendi Harris. Future Hourman and Bethany confront Wendi, surprised to find out that our Hourman is also there looking for someone to talk. Wendi says she hired a detective to help out Bethany. She hired a “love detective” to make sure Hourman was right for her. When Wendi says that she misses Rick, future Hourman demands to see him.

The group goes to Hourman’s Timeship, where they speak with Dr. Togg. While Dr. Togg has not found a cure, future Hourman demands that Rick Tyler be removed from the Timepoint. Rick appears, and future Hourman cures him of his disease. Wendi and Rick are indebted to future Hourman. Our Hourman, frustrated at his impotence, leaves the ship.

Meanwhile, Snapper has put two-and-two together. He heads to the Mad Yak Café, to confront future Hourman. He knows that future Hourman is, in fact, Amazo. Amazo has successfully stolen Hourman’s life. When Snapper confronts Amazo, Amazo kills him, without anyone else in the café noticing.

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