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Thanksgiving has come, and the Justice Society of America has decided to spend the holiday together having a giant feast in their brownstone headquarters. Hourman is invited, and gets to spend some quality time with the rest of the JSA. He brings bologna for the feats, which prompts some chuckling from Starman and Star-Spangled Kid.
As they are getting ready, the alarm triggers. When Hippolyta and Hawkgirl rush to the front of the building, however, Hourman stops them. It is a false alarm, and the “intruder” detected is just Snapper Carr. Hourman invited Snapper to join the dinner. Sentinel and Flash seem hesitant, but Black Canary welcomes him to the feast with open arms.
Snapper reveals to Sentinel and Black Canary that he is worried about Hourman. Hourman has been acting weird lately, with his super-hero ads and his new secret identity, and Snapper things it is the JSA’s influence. Black Canary asks Hourman to come over and tell Snapper the story of what happened to them on the way to the dinner.
Hourman tells the story of an attack on Manhattan by Neanderthals. Atom Smasher and Hawkgirl were first on the scene, and sent out a JSA alert, prompting Hourman to respond. Hourman quickly realized that it was not only Neanderthals, but also pterodactyls as well. Hourman sensed that there was a time distruption, and after some investigation, used his time vision to reveal an invisible creature. A sentient gorilla, encased in alien armor, stood 10 stories tall. Calling himself the Counter-Evolutionary, the creature’s plan was to devolve everything in this time period. Hourman solved the problem by knocking the Counter-Evolutionary out, causing him to flee.
As Hourman tells the story, Snapper listens quietly. At the end, while the rest of the JSA are proud of Hourman for saving the day, Snapper is not. Snapper becomes angry, because the Hourman he knows would not resort to punching. Irate, the Justice Society is forced to remove Snapper from the brownstone, as Hourman looks on. 

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