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The Host was a robot developed by the H'VLER"NI to hold the dying alien's life forces and monitor the human's progression until they had reached a level of technology comparable to the H'V'LER'NI. The Robot was eventually released by a group of archaeologist who were accompanied by Clark Kent and Lois Lane, during which Clark separated himself from the others where he battled the Robot removing the key which was responsible for activating it. However while Clark recovered from his battle, the Robot was reactivated deploying the alien essences into the bodies of Lois and the others and preparing to invade the closest city. Upon learning of their plans, Superman renewed his battle with The Host. However the Host weakened by the lack of essences which were inhabiting the humans was forced to forcibly return them to him to have the power necessary to battle Superman. The Robot then departed to the nearest city to implant the essences so Superman would be unable to find them, however he concocted a plan pretending to be dazed so the various souls all attempted to inhabit his body resulting in the robot's destruction.

Powers and Abilities

The Host Robot was a massive robot which served as a receptacle for the souls of the 500 H'VLER'NI which has remained on Earth. It's strength and speed proved enough to let it battle with the Man of Steel on nearly even ground. It was also capable of flight through the jets in it's feet and powerful lasers from it's eyes. Although quite powerful it was reliant on the souls for power, weakening when a portion had left into human bodies. It also proved to be capable of being overloaded,by multiple souls attempting to leave at once.

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